Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm a celebrity!

Ok... not really. Well, actually, not at all...

I did, however, get my question answered in the latest Bruins mailbag which is quite pleasing since it has been something I have been wondering for some time but unable to get any news on. Here it is:
Any word on the Glen Murray appeal? Last I remember hearing, it was scheduled for January 16th. Did something change or has the verdict simply not been rendered? Also, regarding the appeal, am I correct in believing that the best option would be for Glen to win? That way, he could be placed on LTIR this season, wiping his salary off the cap and taking the $1.4M buyout figure off of next season's cap as well?
Dave, Natick

A: Dave, the second installment of the Murray hearing is scheduled for Feb. 12. There might even need to be a third day of hearings. But once the hearings are complete, I'm told that a verdict will be rendered shortly after. And yes, in terms of cap purposes, it would be best for the Bruins if Murray won the appeal. They'd have to pay his full $4.15 million this year, but his buyout money would be completely off the 2009-10 books.

So the good news is that Bruins fans should have a definite answer in a week or two. Glad to see my understanding of the situation was correct and that a Bruins 'loss' would in fact be a victory! C'mon Glen! (and your lawyer/agent) Help the Bruins out one last time!

Edit: On an editorial note, I have a monster in the works but I am still crunching numbers and trying to decide how best to attack it...


Tom said...

How many nanoseconds do you think it took Jacobs to consider whether he should pony up the full $4.15 in order to get the cap relief to help the team sign an impact player? How many minutes do you think it took him to stop laughing about it a la Scrooge McDuck?

The Bastahd said...

Tom... you mean this past offseason? Or when all this crap with the appeal came up?

Can't complain too much... after all, he did let PC stash Schaeffer and his 2.2M down in Providence.

Tom said...

I just really really doubt he would consider it a "win" to pay over $4 million just to have the right to spend even more. Never mind the impact it has on the team.

Never been clear on the waiver process - does Schaeffer still get paid? If so, I wonder how he can look his teammates in the eye knowing he's making 20x their salary just to be a bum.

The Bastahd said...

To my understanding, he still gets paid his full salary. If we were to bring him up (never happen since he has sucked in Providence!) he would have to clear waivers. If someone claimed him, we would be responsible for half his salary and I think that would count against the cap.

Not sure about the cap part though... would imagine it would be the case, otherwise why worry about losing the bum? Also explains why Noke is never sent down and Boychuk is never called up... both have to clear re-entry waivers.